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Do you need support to plan, manage or cope with change in your life?

You are in the right place. 


Hello, I'm Sue
Welcome to The Crossroads Coaching

I am a certified Life Coach and I work with people who need support  before, during or after change, whether personal or professional,  to help them make their dreams a reality.


I have a special interest in supporting people living with and after cancer. 

Do you feel you have lost your sparkle lately?


Have you forgotten how incredible you are and lost confidence in yourself and your decisions?

Does that self-help book that everyone is raving about not connect with you and who you are?

You want more for your life, and that's where I come in. Work with me to plan and create the life you want to be living.

Could it be with a little support you could...

Find the job that rewards you and suits your lifestyle?

Make a new start in a career that is meaningful for you?

Feel fitter and happier than you have for a while?

Tell your loved ones what you need from them to support you?

What is that something that you have been thinking about?
Now is the time to make it happen.


Coaching with Sue has made me feel much more confident about my decision-making processes. It has allowed me to reflect on how I make decisions and the key influences in my life on this. It has empowered me to make some big decisions about how I want to continue my work life and given me strength in prioritising what I want, not following the crowd. 

Getting started

Set up a free 30 minute introductory call so we can find out more about more about each other and to learn how coaching can be used to get the results you want to make your life vision a reality.

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