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My Story

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I have more than 30 years experience working in the community and voluntary sector, seeing how life changes affect us all in different ways and how with help, we can all improve our lot and fulfil our hopes and ambitions.  

It may sound twee but it is true that my job satisfaction has always come from supporting others, whether that was working with a team of volunteers sharing lived experience of cancer, delivering NHS and Public Health programmes that helped people into healthier lifestyles, managing my team or planning neighbourhood improvements.  Whatever the challenge, good communication has always been key and a strength of mine. 


Time and experience have made me more confident but there have been times when I have struggled - the invisible to others  thumping heart, clammy hands and sleepless nights, the results of anxiety and periods of self-doubt!

A few years ago, I was earning good money and working with some really amazing people but was feeling out of sorts and stressed and knew something had to change. I just couldn't work out on my own what it was I needed to do. And I was really bored with hearing myself moan about it and losing confidence in my own decision making!

I was introduced to life coaching at this stage and invested in the support I needed to get some answers quicker than just going over it in my head, night after night. I was struck by the effectiveness of coaching.  It gave me clarity about my own needs, and confidence that I could achieve what I wanted. Best of all, this was coming from ME, no judgement, no advice, but through thinking about my values, beliefs, strengths and experience, I was able to start putting myself first.

Then I had a birthday with a '0' at the end of it - oh boy, those birthdays make you think! Through further coaching, I decided the time was right to make some big changes and one of those was to start coaching others myself!  I gave up my full-time job, taking a part-time role, giving me the time and energy to study.


After many, many hours of practice and fascinating study, I proudly gained my certified coach status with the Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching from The Coaching Academy and set up The Crossroads Coaching.  I coach people in all sorts of things but my main focus is supporting people with and after cancer. (see my blog for the top 3 benefits of coaching after cancer treatment). 

Now my work-life balance is sorted, and I am pleased to be able to support others to navigate change, reduce anxiety, increase confidence and enjoy life more.  As a fan of lifetime learning, I continue to study new skills which will help me serve my clients well. 


It is never too late to discover what makes you happy, fulfilled and confident


Discover your future based on your core values and beliefs, do away with limiting beliefs and find ways to make change right for you.


The Crossroads Coaching way gives you accountability. You are ultimately responsible for making changes but I will walk with you and be your cheerleader.

My Core Values


This is your time; life is happening all around you.

Let's make a plan that works for you.

Getting started

Set up a free 30 minute introductory call so we can find out more about more about each other and to learn how coaching can be used to get the results you want to make your life vision a reality.

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