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Working with a coach

The coaching process is confidential and future focused. It is also completely non-judgemental - you are uniquely you and wonderful with it!

But sometimes life or our own beliefs gets in the way and stops us from doing what really makes us happy. Whatever the issue, coaching can help you plan to get rid of those barriers and create new ways to find what you need and sparkle again!

How we will work together

I believe that you can achieve what you want and dream, create a plan and make change in your life. What is more, you can do it without damage to you or the people and things that matter to you.

  • We will make time in your schedule to get started on making changes.

  • We will work on your mindset so you can feel confident about growth.

  • We will explore all your ideas so that your plan looks just how you want it.

  • We will be clear on how you are going to get there so that you lose any feeling of overwhelm.

  • We will work based on the real you, not the person others think you are.

  • We will support your accountability so that you see results sooner than if you were working on your own.

  • We will play to your strengths and what is important to you.

What results can you expect?

Coaching will allow you the time and space to explore your own creativity and solutions. This will sometimes lead to 'light bulb moments' on which you can build a future, sometimes it is more subtle changes that have a great impact.

Take a look at our client results page to see how others have benefited. 

The Crossroads Coaching Options

At the moment, our offer is one to one coaching. This is available in four flexible ways depending on need and time available. This can be discussed at your introductory call.


We will send a Zoom link when you book your session(s)

Face to face

In a safe and confidential environment in West Sussex


We will call you for each session at a

prearranged time

Walk and talk

Walking and talking helps clear the mind and allows new thoughts to come through

(weather and time dependant)

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Crossroads to Confidence

12 Week Transformational 1:1 Personal Coaching Programme

My signature package is ideal when you recognise the need for change and are ready to invest in yourself with support to create and develop ideas and actions that will leave you confident and equipped to get results you want.

Using our Crossroads to Confidence system, we will go on a 1:1 journey covering 3 key areas;

  • Self (mindset, beliefs and habits)

  • Strategy (what, when and how)

  • Support (responsibility, accountability and encouragement)

Each part of the framework is essential to ensure that you are equipped with all you need to achieve what matters to you.

The Capability Hour Experience

Each Capability Hour Experience looks a little different, as it is completely tailored to you and your needs. Whatever the issue you're looking to target, this intense bespoke session will give you clarity and direction and get you moving further, faster.

Getting started

Set up a free 30 minute introductory call so we can find out more about more about each other and to learn how coaching can be used to get the results you want to make your life vision a reality.

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